Thanga Pathakkam

12 May

One of the biggest blockbusters of 1974 was a film from Sivaji Ganesan’s own production company, Sivaji Films. The film was the multi-award winner, THANGA PATHAKKAM, a tense family drama from master story teller Mahendran.

THANGA PATHAKKAM starred Sivaji Ganesan, K.R.Vijaya, Shrikanth, Premilla, Major Sunderrajan, Cho, V.K. Ramasamy
and others.

Constable S.P. Choudhry (Sivaji Ganesan) is a dedicated policeman, caring husband and a respected man in the community. Being a policeman, however, makes him a strong disciplinarian, even at home.

Because of Choudhry’s dedication to hs job, his son, Jagan, grows up more under the care of his mother Lakshmi (K.R.Vijaya) than under his father.

As Jagan grows up he becomes more and more rebellious. He begins to play truant, gamble and lie to his parents. Choudhry’s attempts to discipline him only results in Jagan resenting him.

The rest of the movie deals with clash after clash between father and son and the mother caught in the crossfire. Can Jagan (Shrikanth) reform and thereby unite his family? You will have to see the film to find out.

With a synopsis like this, one can forgive the younger viewer for dismissing this as a corny plot. It’s not – although it so easily could have been. One of the reasons for this is Mahendran’s scripting which is generally hard-hitting and razor sharp in the scenes featuring the clashes between father and son.

Sivaji’s acting is riveting and can surely be used as visual lessons for budding actors. K.R. Vijaya has put in a splendid performance. Shrikanth, as the adult Jagan, was probably in the best role of his career. Premilla as his wife also puts in a memorable performance. V.K.Ramasamy, Major Sunderrajan and Cho in a dual role do enough to maintain the standard of the film.

Mellisai Mannar M.S. Visvanathan’s music is very pleasing. All the songs from the film were hits. These include Sodhanai Mel Sodhanai, Sumaithaangi Saaydhaal and Nallathoru Kudumbam. Visvanathan’s background score is excellent and is instrumental in creating the perfect backdrop for each scene.


Thanga Pathakkam did more than bag four awards – including Best Actor for Sivaji Ganesan and Best Film, it was also a box-office hit. This film was later remade into Hindi under the title Gold Medal.


Thanga Pathakkam has story and scripting by Mahendran and is produced by Shanthi Narayanaswamy and T. Manohar. The film is directed by P.Madhavan


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